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In 24 years, hundreds of men and women have, via Allo Interim, put their skills in relation to companies specializing in the fields of industry, engineering and technology.

Both close to its business customers and close to its temporary staff, via this new website, Allo Interim, further optimizes the connection between companies and candidates.

Our mission

For all these years, Allo Interim has proved its effectiveness in recruiting. Our role is to look for and present the experts who best meet the demands of our customers while respecting the will of the candidates. We provide fast and qualitative solutions.

Whether you are a client or a candidate, our team listens to you closely. Allo Interim, a reactive company, adaptable and where free enterprise is reconciled with the public interest.

Are you looking for an expert for a permanent position? Someone who will strengthen your team on the long term?

Our consultants recruit, select and test the ideal candidate for you, both at the operational level and management level.

Discover our company, our advantages !

Walloon and Brussels Region Licence " 00089 / 406 / 20121022 "

Flemish Region Licence " VG 2072 U "

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