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A propos de ALLO INTERIM

Who are we?

ALLO Interim was created in 1990 by Joël ROBERT. ALLO Interim is a service company. It recruits and provides clients with temporary staff.

Mr. ROBERT specialises in the following fields:


You will mainly have contact with:

Mr. Damien ROBERT

The word of Joël Robert

« For the sake of progress and the full satisfaction of our clients, I am committed to develop a Quality Policy similar to the ISO 9002 quality standards.
The whole ALLO INTERIM team ensures the full respect of the provisions written in the Quality Manual (create link with the Quality Charter), it will be her constant concern to assess the implementation and effectiveness of these provisions.
Our Quality System and its ongoing evolution is the base of a true partnership between Allo Interim, its clients and temporary employees. These 24 years of success motivate us to continue and still progress in this direction».

Joël Robert (Fonder of Allo Interim)

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