Our Quality Charter

Our Objectives

The one and only objective of Allo Interim is to satisfy its clients and its temporary staff..

Achieve the objectives

We strictly respect the following methodology:

  • Support and identify the requests and needs of the client.
  • Temporary staff search.
  • Evaluation of the temporary staff, knowledge of their skills.
  • Temporary staff’s choice, as close as possible of the client’s needs.
  • Eventual training of temporary staff.
  • Labor accident Risks Prevention.
  • Evaluation and familiarization of the risks related to function.
  • Placement to the client.
  • Control of the beginning of the mission.
  • Following the mission.

Moreover, the Allo Interim team, consists of members from different professional backgrounds. This diversity allows us to establish a trusted relationship and partnership with all our clients.

The reliability of our services is based on:

  • real skills,
  • perfect mastery of temporary work legislation,
  • a rigorous recruitment,
  • and a constant monitoring of the missions.


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